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Past shows @ the Bar

SUBSTANCE - Spectrum

First album release to come from the Ruffneck Ting stable show-casing the considerable p [ ... ]

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Tips For Enjoying a Music FestivalTips For Enjoying a Music Festival

Hitting the road to get your rockin’ fix? plan ahead a little and avoid the hassle [ ... ]

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Let them eat cakeLet them eat cake

How I learned to stop worrying and love the sell-out rockstar... Though it is a har [ ... ]

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VARIOUS - Hardcore Heaven 3VARIOUS - Hardcore Heaven 3

Third in the series and, as ever, packed full of happening hardcore currently doing the  [ ... ]

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Welcome to the Gashaus, where the music lives!

Gashaus is not the cafe or music bar it lives in...?Gashaus is?a spirit,?of unsupervised urban landscapes and caffeine driven spurts of creative rage. Late night pool games, live music impromptu jams and the girl with just a little too much cleavage showing. Incandencant? street lights and revenue hungry police with too little to do prowl the streets after the shoppping cart herds bed down.

As subterrannian techno blip beats out from a basement bar, in an alley behind an art gallery hipster surfers of the night drink cheap hooch and plot the storyline for the last few hours before the first rays of day come to erase the story told the night before. These words are just shadows of the spirit...

In this section you'll find recollections, time stamps, frozen moments and other ephemeral whisperings of the life force and energy borne of great times and better friends... so check out the flyers, images and videos, see what it's all about!

Sunday, October 01, 2006?with Launchbox at the Gashaus

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The Gashaus & Jamwerkz Music Studios in the Bugis district of Singapore is the home of all things musical in Singapore, with 6,000 square feet of fun, and something for everyone. You have to check their events calendar to find out what's on, because any night of the week could be something special (they rent out the venue for private parties all the time!). You'll find all genres performing here; art noise, experimental jazz, hardcore, punk rock, emo and goth, (check out their monthly J-Rock night and cosplay parties), heavy metal, reggae, ska, dub and deejay dance parties (breakdancers love the tile floors) and with the music jamming studios available for rent by the hour, the Gashaus has become the unofficial home of Singapore's Indie music scene. They have a giant wall projector and other sets conveniently placed around the venue showing videos and sports matches, internet and free wi-fi, pool and foosball tables, and a full bar for coffee and alcohol drinks. The food's not bad either, with pizzas, sandwiches, finger foods, dumplings, noodles, salads and more!

Check out all the great bands that played there in Youtube
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The Maryland is/was kind of a flophouse, an old San Diego hotel with white antique mosaic floors.

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