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SEBADOH - The SebadohSEBADOH - The Sebadoh

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GOLDIE - Saturnz Return

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From the first notes of the classic skank "Noise Brigade," an unqualified joy takes over [ ... ]

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the great spy experiment

Ten months after making their first-ever public appearance at a cosy, little pub in Little India, The Great Spy Experiment quickly established themselves as one of Singapore?s hottest and most exciting indie bands.

Drawing influences from musicians as diverse as Ash, Explosions in the Sky, The Killers, Linda Rondstadt, Franz Ferdinand, Mansun, Sigur Ros, Metallica, Radiohead, Jamal Abdillah, Mogwai, Force Vomit, Supergrass, Kent, Muse and Interpol, The Great Spy Experiment's music can only be described as 'a champagne-fuelled orgy of powerpop, indie, rock and dance, informed by everything except J-Lo'.

The lyrics are just as varied ? from Captain Funkycurls' nonchalant take on the notoriously decadent lifestyle of flight personnel and Flower Show Riots' witty commentary on the excesses of the rich, to Dance With Me's attempt at political infamy ? they are as frank as they are astute, blasé as they are evocative.

Saiful Idris, Fandy 'Carlos', Khairyl Hashim, Magdelene Han head the line-up of the band's debut album Flower Show Riots and the first single off the album, "Captain Funkycurls/Class 'A' Love Affair", was released on 23 January 2006. The single features two songs off the album and a demo version of the album title track.

The single has received great support from various radio stations with interviews and airplay on Power98 FM, Perfect Ten (98.7FM) and News Radio (93.8FM). Two days after making its radio debut on the nightly primetime Cool Club Clan programme on Power98, "Captain Funkycurls" was voted into its top ten chart by its listeners and it stayed in the charts for almost a month. The band's high-energy live sets at various venues including the Prince of Wales Pub, Zouk, the Sembawang Festival and Bar.One have also been huge hits with audiences.
Check them out on Myspace: www.myspace.com/thegreatspyexperiment.

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