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EMINEM The Slim Shady LP

If you're born a loser, sometimes all you can do is sing to win. And in an America today with more losers than ever before being left behind all the Pathfinder drivin' condo ownin' career trackers, washing dishes for a living ain't gonna cut it, especially if you're the type who usually gets hired and fired in the same day. Enter Marshall Mathers, AKA Slim Shady AKA Eminem. He's been there.

Born in Detroit Michigan to a single mother, himself a single father, he's the prime example of a product of his environment. Raised on too much TV, in a community where it is often easier for a minor to get drugs than alcohol, and where inner-city violence is the preferred form of creative expression, this 24 year old began rapping when he was only 14 years old. Disrespected for being just a scrawny white-boy, his 1996 first release got no airplay in his hometown, but after catching the eye of Death Row Record's Dr. Dre, who was so impressed with Eminem's style that he didn't hesitate for a second to sign him. Knowing full well that if he didn't deliver that his credibility was over, Dr Dre took the chance anyway, "White MCs usually aren't good, it's as simple as that. Eminem is one of the best MCs I've worked with. When I play his tracks for people, I don't tell them he's white, and their reaction is like 'Who the f*ck is this?'"

But this is a question many people don't ask anymore, unless they live under a rock or in some former communist country. With his catchy first single 'My Name Is' plastered all over music channels world-wide, he's set the base for his The Slim Shady LP, which jumped straight to number 1 in the US. But enough about him, it's the music that counts.

My favorite has to be 'My Fault' in which his alter ego has to deal with a girl he just met after she ate his whole sack of mushrooms, the chorus being, "I didn't mean to give you mushrooms girl, I didn't mean to bring you into my world, now you're siting in the corner crying, and it's my fault, my fault." Which will bring a sick laugh to anyone who's been there (raise your hands party people). In another track "Conscience" he plays the dark angel to Dr. Dre's good angel as there examine robbing liquor stores, having sex with drunk 15 year old girls and killing your cheating wife. In the end Slim Shady the Dark angel convinces the Good Angel that his choices are the correct ones.

And buying this release as soon as you can is also the only correct choice for you, that is, if you're a minimum wage earning, glue sniffin', guinea pig micro-waving slacker who needs some music to know you're not all alone in this f*cked up crazy world.