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SUFF DADDY The Gin DiariesSUFF DADDY The Gin Diaries

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HOLE - Celebrity SkinHOLE - Celebrity Skin

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VARIOUS - Hardcore Heaven 3VARIOUS - Hardcore Heaven 3

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VARIOUS - Jungle TalkVARIOUS - Jungle Talk

This 17 track compilation is mixed by Wild Child with lots of vocal assistance from MC S [ ... ]

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JNEIRO JAREL Three Piece Puzzle

In the years to come, hip-hop music will continue to grow and maintain its dominant grasp on mainstream culture. But my prediction is that eventually we are going to see things move in a cyclical fashion and all this guns and violence that is filling up jewel cases will take a seat on the back burner and be replaced with healthy music for the mind. If my prediction is right, the music that will be floating through our ears will be the grooves that are closer to the positive vibrations of crews like the Native Tongues, De La Soul or the Digable Planets just to name a few. Enter Philly resident, by way of Brownsville, NY, and Houston, TX, Janeiro Jarel.

Not only does this man represent three drastically different geographic regions, but he also embodies three aspects of making music. On Jniero's newest album, Three Piece Puzzle, he not only MCs, but also produces and DJs. For some this might indicate that he was tight with the money, but I don't think this is the case. If you have skills, why not put them to use; take a look at Madlib or Kanye if you think I'm wrong. If you don't believe me check what DJ Rich Medina says: "Jniero is the hottest thing bubbling up from the underground and definitely the one to watch in the years to come."

The album is packed with fourteen killer cuts, starting out with "Big Bounce Theory", which not only has a thunderous hand clap, and a snare wound up so tight that you think it might break, but also some ceremonial horns that leave you imagining the arrival of a king. I guess the boy used this track to announce his arrival to the game. For all of those who thirst for the next J-Dilla or the aforementioned Madlib, peep "Get Yuh Own", a disgusting track that has Jniero spiting on top of some twisted synths and broken drums. When you listen to this you can hear Lord Quas dropping a sixteen. If electronic breaks are your shizznit, check the way the song ends. I'll leave it up to you to discover the sickness. Three Piece Puzzle not only has great music but also boasts a cast of some well- and lesser-known artists like Vinia Mojica, Dr. Who Dat?, Roque Wun, and Jawaad carving up guest appearances. Get it while it's hot.